Watch Out For Jumia 4th Year Anniversary Deals - Get Free 500 Naira On Sign Up

The best time to buy any product you want from Jumia is here. Introducing the Jumia 4th Year Anniversary from June 24th to July 7th, it's time to look out for the best deals you can never get anywhere else.
Jumia 4th year anniversary is here!, Sign up and get 500 Naira for free
Jumia, the largest online shopping mall in Africa is here again with her 4th year anniversary program packaged with various amazing deals you would never want to miss. If you have been wanting to buy any product online then you need to watch out for this anniversary as there will be crazy discounts on popular products.

Jumia Women And Youth Empowerment Program, Start Earning 500 Naira Per Referral

You can now start earning money with Jumia Online if you are a woman or a youth below the age of 30 simply by referring new customers to shop on Jumia.
Jumia women and youth empowerment Program
The Jumia Women and Youth Empowerment Program is a newly launched campaign that created for the Nigerian women and youths a way to start earning money online easily.

Jumia said, concerning the Empowerment program;
Our Women & Youths Empowerment Programme is in line with our mission of improving the quality of everyday lives through technology. This initiative is therefore designed for Nigerian women & youth below 30 years of age, to equip them with the requisite training and support guaranteed to help them earn an income by creating education on the convenience of online shopping, especially in the cities and among rural dwellers, thereby helping Nigerians to save time and money while shopping on Jumia.
We like to call it a movement, or a drive towards ensuring that we reduce the unemployment gap in the country, especially among our women & youths.
Our goal is to empower at least 500,000 women & youths before the end of 2019. So the train is waiting; we hope to see you join others who are already on board. 

Opera News Shake And Win 2019 - Start Earning Money Now By Simply Shaking Your Phone

I hope you still remember the Opera News last year, when we shake our phones and earn money for real. Opera News is here again this year with over 200 Million Naira prizes to celebrate the AFCON 2019 for all Nigerians. If you've got a phone then you've got the chance to win amazing prizes by simply shaking your phone.

Subscribe Now For MTN Welcome Back Offer And Get 1gb Data For 200 Naira Only

Hello Kefbloggers, this is yet another amazing way to subscribe for the cheapest data plan. Yes, it is the MTN Welcome Back offer!, subscribe now and get whooping 1gb data for just 200 Naira only which lasts for 7 days period.
Screenshot showing successful activation of weekly 1gb data plan for 200 Naira only

How To Activate And Keep Enjoying MTN 100% Data Bonus Unlimitedly On The New MTN Yafun Yafun Plan

MTN Yafun Yafun now gives you 100% data bonus offer in addition to other amazing bonuses. With the 100% data bonus offer, you get doubled the data you supposed to get and there's a trick to keep enjoying this offer for as long the offer is still ongoing.
500% airtime bonus for call and sms and 200% to browse all your favourite apps
The MTN Yafun Yafun Plan is not a new offer, it has been available for sometime now and some people have been enjoying the offer. I decided to publish this tutorial because the plan has been upgraded with various amazing bonus offers and so that all of us can benefit from the offer.

Buying A Custom Domain Name - What Is It and Why Do You Need To Buy One?

Buying a custom domain name is very necessary for every blogger who started blogging with free hosting and a subdomain name.
Domain name suffixes - .org .com .gov

What Is A Custom Domain Name?

I know you might have already heard of it somewhere but you may not understand what it really means.

13 Amazing iPhone X Swiping Gestures You Need To Know

Though It's different, but you can also swipe on iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max
Holding iPhone X upward over a computer system
When Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, it eliminate the included physical home button since the very first iPhone in 2007. So, it's now very important for iPhone X users to learn an array of new interactions, including how to return to the home screen without the home button. But did you know Apple also introduced a lot of useful new gestures most iPhone users are not aware of?

Here are all the iPhone X gestures you need to know to get the most out of your iPhone.

This article includes instructions for the following iPhone series; iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR running iOS 12 and up.

1. Face Unlock iPhone X

One of the key features of the iPhone X is Face ID Recognition feature.

To unlock your device, ensure the TrueDepth camera (located within the notch at the top of the screen) has a clear view of your face. Then, swipe up from the bottom of the display area.

If the area where you are using your iPhone is too dark, there's too much light, you're wearing sunglasses or your face is otherwise obscured, Face ID recognition will not work correctly. Instead, you’ll be asked to enter your device pin to unlock.

2. Return to the Home Screen on iPhone X

With the omission of a physical home button on the iPhone X series, it's not necessarily obvious how to return to the home screen. However, all you need to do to take you back to the startup screen is to swipe up from the home bar situated at the bottom of the display area of your phone.

3. Touch to Wake iPhone X

You can quickly get some information from your iPhone without having to unlock it. Simply touch the display area to wake your lock screen.

This interaction is useful if you want to check the battery level, glance at your unread notifications, or check the time while your iPhone is charging. From here, you can also quickly turn On/Off the Flashlight feature or activate the Camera without unlocking your iPhone.

4. Lift Up to Wake iPhone X

Similar to touch to wake, lifting your phone gives you glanceable information without having to do anything else. You also have fast access to the Flashlight and Camera features and because of the iPhone's position, the TrueDepth camera system will likely has a clear view of your face, allowing you to unlock your phone with a simple swipe up from the bottom of the display area.

5. Access and Manage Your Notifications on iPhone X

If you want to see a list of your notifications, simply swipe down from the left side of the display notch (the side showing the time). If you have any, you'll see all your notifications grouped by app.
managing notification on iPhone X by tapping or swiping
  • To take action on a single notification, tap it to launch the app sending the notification.
  • With grouped notifications, tap to expand, then tap the notification you want to launch.
  • To manage a notification, swipe it to the left side to reveal additional management options such as disabling the app from sending further notifications related to the one sent. 
  • The above three features are also available on latest Android OS versions probably from Android version 7.0 Nougat upward.
  • To clear all notifications on your iPhone, tap X, and then tap Clear.

6. Access Control Center on iPhone X

To access the Control Center, swipe down from the right of the notch (the side showing the network indicator and battery level). This action will give you quick access to control features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Volume, and others.

How To Start Blogging: Beginner's Guide Part 2 – How To Create A Blogger's Blog

How to create a blog

After knowing all the basic things to start blogging, we'll now be walking through the step by step guide on how to create a free blog using Google Blogger platform. I already told you in the first part of this tutorial that this blog is also being managed under Google Blogger platform.

But, as per what I have known from articles written by most bloggers, seems to be the best blogging platform mostly because you'll be hosting your blog yourself so you have full control over your blog and there are also some SEO benefits. I haven't experienced the platform, so I don't know much about it but I'll advise you to start your blog using this platform if you are very serious about blogging. You'll be investing some money to start a WordPress blog and setting up your blog will not be as easy as that of the free blogging platforms (such as and but later you will find it worthwhile if you are very serious. Know that making money with a blog is never a get-rich-quick scheme, it requires time and effort.

However, if you don't have the resources (in this case money) to start a WordPress blog, then you can go on with the free Blogging platform. I will advise you choose between the two most popular free blogging platforms– and In this tutorial, we'll be considering the blogger platform and the reason is clear.

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How To Start Blogging: Beginner's Guide Part 1 – All You Need To Know

Now, I believe you have chosen to start your blog with a free blogging platform. However, be warned!. Don't make it too long before you get a custom domain name for your blog or move your blog over to the WordPress platform once you start getting about hundred pageviews per day. Because you'll regret it later if you've already gotten a considerable amount of pageviews per day before buying a custom domain name and/or moving to WordPress site. This actually happened to me and I will not want you to repeat this same mistake I made. Well, that was because I didn't know anything back then.

Get unlimited web hosting from whohogohos, affordable and reliable

Google Blogger is owned and managed by Google. A blog created using Blogger platform will be hosted on Google server using a free subdomain – User may wish to buy a custom domain (hosted on another web server or keep using the Google free web hosting) and then connect the custom domain with their Blogspot account. Thanks to Google, all the redirections to your new blog pages will be done easily.

To create a Blogger blog, you'll be needing a Google account. You can view our article on how to create a Google account and use across all Google services. Once that is done, you can now follow these step by step procedures:
  1. Choose your blog name.
  2. Create a blogger account.
  3. Choose a template for your blog.
  4. Publish a post.
  5. Start sharing.

Choosing Your Blog Name

Before choosing a name for your blog, you need to first understand the following qualities of a blog name.
1. Eye-catching
  • Choose a blog name that your targeted audience will like such that when they look at it for the first time, they'll want to take a second look.
2. Easily remembered
  • User may visit your blog from any other websites and may not be able to recollect the website's address when trying to visit your blog again. So, it'll be better to choose a name that can be easily remembered.
3. Moderately short
  • Your blog name should be moderately short, don't make it too long. It may be scary when it's too long.
4. Blog Niche related
  • We've already explained what is meant by a blog niche in the first part of this tutorial, you can check it out. Once you have your blog niche, it's advisable that you choose a name that is somehow similar or related to your blog niche.
5. Buy A Domain Name
  • Buy a custom domain name for your blog and removed the Google domain to shorten your blog address so users can type more faster when entering your blog address in their browser's Url box and you can also enjoy some other important benefits.
Don't Miss!: How To Buy And Setup A Custom Domain Name With Blogger's Blog. 

So, choose your blog name based on the above qualities and you are good to go.

Creating Your Blogger Account

Once you have your blog name at hand, you can now create your Blogger account using your Google account email address. I hope you already have a Google email address, if you don't, you can check out our article on how to easily create a free Google account. Once that is done,
  • Go to from your browser and click Create Your Blog.
  • Enter your email address and password to sign in to Google Blogger.
  • Confirm your Blogger profile with your name that you want to be visible to your visitors and click Continue To Blogger.
  • At the welcome page, click Create New Blog.
Blogger welcome page
  • On the pop up window, enter your blog name and your blog address with the sub domain Blogger automatically check, as you type, if the entered blog address is available.
Creating a new blog pop up page
  • Select a theme for your new blog and click Create Blog. You can change your blog theme later by going to Blogger >> Theme and then select any of the free Blogger templates you would like to use.

Publishing Your First Post

Now your blog set-up is complete. It's high time to start unleashing your writing skill. So, go ahead and publish your first post.
  • Click New Post from the Blogger posts' page.
  • Enter the title of your post in the post title bar.
  • Enter the content of your post in the post body box.
  • Once you are done, select the drop-down Menu at top right corner of the page to open Post Settings. Here, you can enter one or more labels for your post. You can also check out other available options such as changing the permalink, scheduling your post and others.
  • Once you are through, click Publish button at the top of the page to publish your first post. There you go!.

Start Sharing Your Post

You can now start promoting your blog by sharing your post to your target audience through social media.
  • From the Blogger post page, click View from the below post title to see your post in action.
Viewing your first published post blogger

  • Scroll down to below post and click the share button. 
  • Select any of the preferable social media to share your post. 
Write more and more articles. Keep posting and keep sharing. You've just begin your journey of becoming a successful blogger.

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Latest Jumia One Bonus Offer - How To Earn Unlimited Money Without Stress

Updated Post

Jumia One is an amazing tool created by Jumia, an online shopping mall in Africa, to help users recharge airtime easily from their bank account, pay bills, DStv Gotv subscription, shop online, book flight, hotel and cab and lots more which you are going to find out once you start using the service. The Jumia One app is designed for both Android & iOS user to help performing your transactions easily. The best part is that users can enjoy various bonus offers on every transaction made with the app.
Note: At this moment, only users in Nigeria and Egypt can enjoy the Jumia One App.
With Jumia One, you can enjoy:
  1. 100% certified and secured payment via your bank account.
  2. Amazing savings on airtime recharge and bill payment.
  3. Airtime recharge for all network operators in Nigeria such as MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat.
  4. Recharge for family and friends too.
  5. Easy and convenient TV, Internet and Electricity bill payment.
  6. Shop Online, book flight, hotel and ride.
  7. Order your favorite food online and get it delivered to your doorstep.
  8. The list is endless, you can find out yourself!.
What's more?. Jumia One is now giving away ₦1000 each for every friend a user refer to the app when they make their first recharge. So, once you register with the app and start sharing your referral code with your friends, you'll be earning ₦1000 from each of your friends that also register with the app and make their first transaction of a minimum of ₦200 using the code sent to them. The sweetest part is that your friends also enjoy 20% cashback when they make their first recharge with the voucher code – WELCOME20. And you can earn unlimitedly by referring more friends.
Jumia one promotion, get ₦1000 for each friend you invite

How To Start Earning With The Jumia One App

Download link button for Jumia One android and iOS app
  • Download the Jumia One app by clicking the above download button.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • You will be registering with your email address and password. Click the User Icon at the bottom right corner on the homepage and then click Sign Up/Log In.
Click user icon and then click sign up to get started
  • Enter your Email address and click Create Account.
Entering email address from virtual keyboard and click create account
  • Make your first recharge of a minimum of ₦200 using the voucher code – WELCOME20. Enter the code in the voucher code box when you want to make your first recharge. 
Entering the voucher code in the voucher code box
  • Complete your order with any of the different payment options available.
  • Once you are done, go back to the homepage, and click Invite A Friend icon at the bottom of the page. 
  • Now, click Invite Your Friends button and start sharing your referral code with friends and family. Once they start making recharges, you'll start earning cashbacks.
Usually, cashbacks are credited within 24 hours. If you didn't receive yours within this range, contact the customer care service. Terms and conditions apply.

Download Ultimate Rotation Control: An Android App To Force Rotate Your Android Phone

Not all Android apps will rotate to the desired mode even after setting your Android phone rotation settings to auto rotate. These apps have the capability to overrule the system rotation settings. This is something that have been made like that by the developer of the app. If you have been finding it hard to get some of these apps to rotate and you need the app to be in the portrait or landscape mode for you to be able to get the best out of the app then this tutorial is just for you.

Today, I'm going to introduce the easiest way to force rotate your Android phone to any of your preferred rotation mode – portrait, landscape or auto. So, you can now use your Android phone in portrait or landscape mode without having to worry about those stubborn apps that will not rotate.