How To Start Blogging: Beginner's Guide Part 1 – All You Need To Know

Today, Blogging has become one of the most important parts of the internet. Most information are being shared through blogs for it provides the easiest ways to share information and also for people to interact with the information. This pave way for many passionate writers to use their skill in blogging and earn money.

This article will be very detailed has to give all the necessary information needed to start blogging. And, I will be writing this based on what I have experienced through my 3 years of part-time blogging. Obviously, this article is going to be a long one, and therefore, it will be divided into different parts – The Beginner's and The Pro's. If you are new to Blogging, I suggest you start with the beginner's parts.

So, What Is Blogging?

Before you start blogging, you sure need to know what Blogging and some related terms mean. Don't you?. Yes! you do. Blogging is the designing, editing and also managing a blog. A blogger is one who does this job and also contribute in one way or the other to the blog. And a blog is a website created to share information and also for users to interact.

I believe you now understand what those words mean. Good! let's move on.

The main quality of a blogger is the ability to write articles, I mean a lot of them. Before you start blogging you must know what you want to start writing about. You need information that you are very sure about and that you will be able to answer any questions regarding it. If you don't have this quality then, you need to develop yourself, there's no shortcut. Otherwise, I'll advise you forget about blogging, I don't think it's meant for you.

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What is A Blog Niche?

A Blog Niche is what your blog is all about, what information you are sharing. It has to be specific. You focus on one topic alone. Only one topic!. This is very important aspect of Blogging and is something that a beginner must be well aware of before going into the world of Blogging. Foxxytech is a technology niche wblog. There are other blog niches like Science, Education, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Islam and others. You choose what you would like to write on but be specific.

Making Money – What About It?

After knowing all this, what is next is how to create your own Blog and start Blogging. But wait, why do you want to become a blogger?. To make money, right?. Well, that's the reason most of us want to start a blog. But it's not as easy as most people think. Though, the easiest part of Blogging to me is making money but the problem is that it doesn't comes first. There are some things that came before it. One of the most important is driving traffic to your blog. You really need a lot of traffic, I mean a lot of people visiting your blog and interacting with your posts before you can start earning something great. You earn from your visitors. We'll cover this much later on in this tutorial. Now, let's focus on how to create a blog.

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Blogging Platform

To start blogging, you need a Blogging platform to create and manage your blog. There are different Blogging platforms, three of which will be discussed here. The three most popular Blogging platforms are, and With, you can create a self hosted blog. But with the other two, you have to host your blog on their respective servers.

Self Hosting – What is it?

Hosting means housing your blog on a server. Of course!, You need a house for your blog, don't you?. A self hosted blog will be managed from scratch by you. You have full control over your blog. It's not free and a little bit harder to start but it's very useful in the long run. Go to to know how to create your own self hosted blog.

The other two Blogging platforms are not self hosted. Your blog will be hosted on their server. It's free and easier to create and start managing your blog. But you won't have full control over your blog. This article will focus on how to create a blog using

My Advice:
If you want to start blogging as a career and you have the money to do so, I believe it will be best to create a self hosted blog through Platform. But if you are not sure or you don't have the capital then you can go for the free Blogging platforms. You can move your free blog later on to self hosted WordPress or buy a custom domain name for your blog.
Foxxytech is being managed under the free Google Blogger platform

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